The bank will be constituted by Mr. Nelson, Chairman of a listed company and he is actively involved in several fintech businesses in Asia.


The following shows the intended organization structure for Digi Bank, based on a sole-ownership structure whereby the CEO is also the owner:

CEO’s Office: The CEO’s office will comprise of the CEO himself and a personal assistant, and will be an office geared towards business development and the maintenance of super High-Net-Worth clients.

Community Management Team: This team manages the local partners of the virtual community banking initiative (to be explained in detail later in this document), the main innovation effort of this business. At the same time, this team will contain a section that manages the content and training of the virtual “branches”.

Customer Services Team: A small and lean team of personnel to conduct basic customer enquiries (mainly new customers), as well as administer the IT system.

Account Management Team: Managing the big client accounts and engaging in business development activities to grow the client base.

Fiscal Control Team: To perform due diligence on the various loans and investments outwards, as well as to handle the disbursement and return of investments process.

Tech and Data Maintenance Team: A project management team that handles the integrity of the database, as well as scope new functions and upgrades. Also handling the overall system security of the bank.

Internal Services Team: A team of administrators to take charge of the bank’s operational support factors, such as human resources, operational finances and legal issues.

Basic Pipeline

Digi Bank will offer a range of basic banking products and services, starting with the following:
1.Acceptance of repayable funds and deposits
2.Personal Loans (Mortgage Credit)
3.Business Loans (Working Capital, Project Financing)
4.Private Banking (High Net Worth Customers)
5.Commercial and Corporate Banking (Companies operating out of more than 1 country)
6.Online Banking and International Wire Transfers

Innovative Pipeline

In addition, to our basic services, we will use the assistance of present day technology to innovate on our services. We intend to do so by using internet and mobile communications technology to control and significantly reduce the sunken costs of operations (costs of customer service and human resources).

Traditionally, banks increase clientele and capital base through laying out a wide network of physical branches. Physical branches exists for the purpose of offering a “personal touch” to the bank’s customers, basically helping out with the individual’s personal banking administration.

With the availability of internet to most regions of the world, 3G and 4G networks covering almost every corner of the modern day society, and smartphones having proliferated even third world countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar, we live in an age with all forms of information can be passed around regardless of geographic restrictions, and the personal touch needed between human beings can be executed with a high level of precision, as seen from the rise of social media and social networking engines worldwide.

Offshore banking, originally meant for HNWIs with a need for privacy and international mobility of funds, can now use mobile technology to reach out to the same customer base originally made exclusive to onshore banks backed with a large quantity of physical branches.

Digi Bank intends to develop an IT system that allows individuals from all over the world to operate as agent representatives of the bank. These agents will receive training via online means, from Digi Bank directly, and be responsible for servicing and maintaining a clientele base not from a certain geographic region, but instead from a certain virtual region – their own social networks. In addition, we’re working with DG Tech Global Limited, (Developer and operator of DG Pay, a blockchain-powered international remittance application) in a strategic partnership model, to research the applications of blockchain technology to international financial transactions.

Agents will earn a cut of the profits generated from their clientele base, while actively servicing their clients (friends) via the mobile end of the IT system. This way, we reduce the fixed sunken costs of keeping a fixed wage customer service force, making sure this largest cost centre now only scales up when the customer base itself scales up. At the same time, we make use of the internet and mobile technology to build branches all over the world.

We call this effort – Virtual Community Banking.

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